My new motto is, “You don’t know, what you don’t know” ...


Knowing yourself is an advantage when owning a business, but being able to implement the vision of your business into a practical sense is invaluable AND a ton of work.  Although I have always known that I am an independent thinker that likes to work with people and plants, how that translates into a successful and rewarding business is another story.  If I’m honest, I do a ton of research, follow my gut, and ask for help.  My new motto is, ““You don’t know, what you don’t know” and that helps me from berating myself when I make a mistake.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t know A LOT outside of people and plants.  BUT I have a secret weapon – great support and encouragement in all of you and in one person in particular, Kendra. 
Kendra is my leading lady and I rely on her when I need help with brainstorming new products, market research, financial projections, Instagram posts, business and marketing plan updates, and general encouragement.  She is a great listener when I come up with a challenge I haven’t faced before and a calming force when my social media patience is tested.  I am grateful that she came into my life when she did and I am happy to introduce her to you over the web and in person at parties, product demos, and our upcoming pop ups in the fall.

Behind every busy woman there is another busy woman, and for me that woman is Kendra! XO


Hi!  I’m Kendra and I’m proud to say I’m a nerd, and that I love business planning and strategy.  I think about business a lot and love the opportunity to talk with people about business endeavors.  I first met Kristy after a spin class I was teaching.  We had an easy rapport and she shared with me how she was finishing her holistic health schooling and was starting a wellness business.  We chatted briefly about business and marketing plans and I told her that I was finishing my MBA and that it would be exciting to be a part of a new startup.  I offered to help her with her business plan.  Over a year later we are still working together and not just on a plan but on a strongly growing business.



When we first started talking about creating wellness products to accompany Kristy’s herbal consultation services, we were on the same page – appropriate for all skin types, high quality, and natural.  Together we worked to choose the essential oils for the body and face care lines. This product testing phase was fun we chose each product and essential oil with natural wellness properties in mind.  I’m proud of all the products that we have developed, but at the moment, I am obsessed with our Argan and Aloe Body Therapy Lotion, with lavender and Spanish rosemary.  For me, it accomplishes what we set out to do – provide a wonderful lotion with a great smell that is calming (lavender) and uplifting (rosemary).  I’ve also found that since using the face care line, my skin has become brighter and less irritated by environmental pollutants! 

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make and I am happy to say the work that I do with Kristy continues to excite me.  I am so pleased to see that we our following the business and marketing plans with success and that as our working relationship has grown so has our personal friendship.  I had no idea during our first chat after spin class that Kristy would morph into a mentor, champion, and lifelong friend.  What I love about working with Kristy is she has an infectious optimism and belief that anything is possible. She is proof that with hard work and a strong knowing of yourself, anything you put your mind to is possible.  There is no doubt that Almandine Wellness will be hugely successful and I love being able to work side by side with Kristy and watch as more people become hooked on the products we offer. 


Here’s to knowing and growing with us! Kendra

Here’s to knowing and growing with us! Kendra

Kristy Garnet