Big Thanks!

It is so important for me to recognize how far I’ve come since two years ago.  I made a huge leap of faith and started my own business as a contractor in the fall of 2014.  Even though the timing was right and I did my homework – budgets, business and retirement plans – I was still afraid.  Afraid to fail, afraid of the potential instability, but most importantly afraid I couldn’t turn back.  The list went on, BUT I did it and it was fine – good actually.  Then in January of this year I decided to expand my business further – build a website, rent office space, and sell natural health products all while continuing to work for my existing clients.  CRAZY! 

The truth of the matter is that it was crazy but not impossible and I did it, but not alone.  I found other small business owners that were like me – working hard to build their own businesses.  They were all willing to listen and collaborate, steer me in the right direction, stop me from making decisions that weren’t in my best interest, and respond to my early morning emails which peppered them with more questions. 

So, this page is dedicated to them - the talented, competent, people that worked behind the scenes to help me launch Almandine Wellness.

  • Amanda Dow – Amanda is an incredible artist who can literally draw and paint anything.  She is also a great archeologist who can create museum quality molds that are great educational tools and conversational pieces.  Check out her work at  
  • Derryl P. Kostynuik – Derryl is great when it comes to all things branding and packaging.  A thoughtful designer that truly wants the best for you, your business, and your products.  For beautiful custom make branding options go to
  • Dr. Darren Scarborough – Darren is the founder and owner of Symmetry Health & Wellness, a Chiropractic and Alternative Health clinic.  He is a caring professional with amazing chiropractic skills and a willingness to provide space for alternative health practices.  You can see him in Calgary or Bragg Creek
  • Kendra Scurfield – Kendra is a talented young business woman with great organizational skills.  She actively listens and can develop business, marketing, and social media plans.  In truth, she is my go to person when I have a business question.  Email her at
  •  Paige Woodbury – Paige is a fantastic photographer that is able to capture the essence of she subject.  She takes her time so that you feel at ease and her product photos are just as beautiful.  If you are looking for an events, lifestyle, or product photographer check out

Honorable mention goes to all the supportive people in my life including friends and family as well as my dear mentor Master Herbalist, Bonnie Scarborough.  I selected the banner photograph for all of you…

The rose is a universal symbol of love and the white rose was often used to symbolize purity and spiritual love.  This photograph shows an Alberta wild rose, which is also Alberta's provincial flower.  The essence of the wild rose is to motivate us to live with joy and commit to life despite the trials and tribulations we all have at times. 

Love and Cheers!

Almandine Wellness Owner

Kristy Garnet