Customized, one-on-one consultations to support your health and wellness goals

What can you expect during your customized herbalist consultation?

The Plan

We will focus on developing a health and wellness plan that is unique to you.  The aim is to develop a health and wellness plan that will complement and support your needs and lifestyle.  The plan will identify and suggest natural health options (relaxation or lifestyle techniques) and products (herbs, supplements, and essential oils) which will assist you in your journey for optimal holistic health and wellness. 

The best part about the plan is that you are in control.  Your health and wellness is yours alone and I will listen to your concerns and identify options that work for you! 

The Assessment

We will use diagnostic techniques to identify, assess, and restore balance to different areas of your body ( I do not provide a diagnosis for your conditions).  Diagnostic techniques used during this phase may include:

  • Iridology – used to detect strengths and weaknesses in the body including inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, circulation, tension, and acidity levels.

  • Pulse – commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide immediate and specific information on the state of the body’s systems and subsystems.

  • Tongue – also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide insight on the body’s gastrointestinal organs as well as the assimilative, metabolic, and circulatory systems.

  • Reflex Contact – used in acupuncture and chiropractic practices to identify energy patterns through the use of pressure points on the body which correspond to internal systems, organs, or functions.

  • Reflexology – the application of pressure by the practitioner’s hand, thumb, and/or fingers to specific areas of the feet and hands that correspond to glands, organs, and systems of the body. The treatment promotes relaxation and rebalances different areas of the body.

Where can you buy the natural health products outlined in the health and wellness plan?

Natural health products (herbs, supplements, and essential oils) suggested in your health and wellness plan can be purchased at the time of your consultation.  In the event that we are out of stock on a specific product, we can special order the product for you.  Products special ordered can be available within 2-3 business days. 

What are your consultation options?

  • In Person (most recommended)

  • Remote (ideal for people with distance or mobility issues)

Although in-person consultations are ideal as hands-on techniques are used, we offer phone consultations for those clients that are unable to visit us because of distance or mobility issues.  Phone consultations vary with client preference and we are able to accommodate traditional or internet (Skype or FaceTime) options. 

What is the time commitment and cost for a consultation?

Health and wellness support requires thorough attention to detail.  Therefore you will receive sufficient time and consideration whether the consultation is in-person or by phone.  Clients who have participated in three consultations over a three month period have the greatest support in meeting their health and wellness goals.  However, consultation schedules are client specific and vary based on want and need.

In-person consultation time allotment & cost:

  • Initial – 1.5 hours; $125.00

  • Follow-up - 2 hours; $150.00

  • Follow-up - 1.5 hours; $110.00

  • Follow-up – 1 hour; $80.00

Phone consultation time allotment & cost:

  • Initial – 1 hour; $80.00

  • Follow-up - 75 minutes; $80.00

  • Follow-up – 45 minutes; $65.00


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